Midwifery Care

Katie Adams is a midwife, registered and regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council.
Having been a midwife for over 15 years Katie has established a fantastic working relationship with local midwives and maternity units with in and around the east and west midlands.
Previous roles have included Head of practice Facilitation, Labour ward Manager and Low Risk Birth coordinator.
As professional midwife with a passion for health in pregnancy Katie reflects her experience through her care.
As a committed midwife See Your Baby will ensure you a provide with a complete package to compliment your pregnancy journey. Our midwifery services are accessible to everyone however a full detailed discussion when booking with Katie will ensure you are always in the safest of hands. When attending any midwifery appointment please bring along your hospital notes to enable complete documentation of your appointment.

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Membrane Sweep

A membrane sweep is an internal assessment of the neck of the womb (cervix) to assess the likely hood of potential labour. Following this assessment a sweeping or stretching of the neck of the womb away from the membranes (bag of fluid the baby lives in ) is performed. Following the success of the sweep it is usually accepted that labour may commence with in 72 hours. A sweep can be performed from 39 weeks of pregnancy. If you have had bleeding in pregnancy, known to have a low lying placenta or have had a previous caesarean section, we do not recommend membrane sweeps.

Antenatal Classes

Having a baby or becoming parents can be the most daunting time of all.  SEE YOUR BABY conduct monthly antenatal classes to prepare the most novice or slightly informed couple about the potential during the birthing process and when your baby comes home with you.  We covering various topics with in a 4 hour session.  These include Stages of labour, position for birth, the role of the father, mechanisms of labour, pain relief, baby feeding including breast and bottle.  What the expect when you return home can be very daunting.  This session will visit signs of a well and unwell baby, safe sleeping and not forgetting how to help each other be the best parents and partners possible.

Membrane Sweep £40

Classes Start at £55

Antenatal Check

Conducted by Katie Adams, a full antenatal check will include a blood pressure, urinalysis and palpation to assess baby’s position (tummy assessment).

Antenatal Check £45

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